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4 Healthy Eating Tips Your Dr. Never Told You About…


“That Will Help You Fight Joint Pain, Stop Chronic Inflammation & Flush Fat From Your Body So You Look and Feel Less Bloated…PLUS Increase Your Energy Levels Ten Fold Without Stimulants”

coach-chriswilsonby Coach Chris Wilson, RKC, CPT

Head Strength Coach & Nutrition Advisor –


filetKey 1: Eat Some Fat

Okay, not a popular conversation but I have to do some myth-busting here. Eat some fat. Remember, fat is good for you as long as it’s not trans-fat AND it comes from things like fish, nuts, some oils, some dairy, red meat, whole eggs and avocados. It helps your joints, gives you energy and is necessary in maintaining healthy skin, proper brain function and much more.

It should also come from both plant and animal products. The man-made fats or chemically altered “Franken-fats” are the ones to avoid whenever possible.

Key 2: Shop Local

Try to shop locally at multiple grocery stores and health food locations like Fresh Market, Whole Foods and Trader Joes to name a few. Visit the local farmer’s market for some of the best “seasonal” produce at super low prices.

This allows for variety and freshness. Colorful foods are rich in vital nutrients, antioxidants and best of all, they aren’t processed!

Key 3: Eat REAL Food

Thirdly, spend most of your time eating REAL food and not “space” food. I like to entertain myself with funny names for things but if it sounds like an astronaut should be eating it in outer-space, how healthy is it on a daily basis?

On occasion,it’s hard to avoid but if you can’t read the word because it has nine syllables, it probably isn’t fantastic for you.

Key 4: The Less the Ingredients the Better

shutterstock_79681126Lastly, try to go with food items that have fewer ingredients on the label. The less processed and chemically treated the better and that’s always reflected in the ingredients. Get good at reading the labels and understanding what you’re fueling your body with.

If it will last for months and years, how detrimental to your health is that food item? Actually, the quicker the food spoils, the better it is for your body and your overall health!

It all comes down to educating yourself and reprogramming yourself to “enjoy” healthy, fresh, unaltered foods that provide the necessary macro and micro nutrients our bodies require to live long productive lives.

Eating should be easy and not stressful. Make intelligent decisions and do some research to be sure you’re consuming quality foods that aren’t harmful. Treat the body like the temple that it is and in return it will carry you to new heights.

Need Some Help Incorporating These Tips Into Some Realistic Time-Saving Delicious Menu Items? 

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RecipeCoverWhen things get busy (as they usually do) the last thing you want to do is rely on eating out or buying canned and frozen foods filled with preservatives and chemicals that will cause your joints to get inflammed and cause chronic pain.

That’s exactly why we created a new recipe guide with the help of our friend Ashley Drummonds who is a culinary cooking nut.  We gave her the list of approved foods and she put together the most delicious, creative dishes that are practical and easy to prepare.

Inside our new “Pain Fighting Superfood Recipes” book you’ll be delighted to find Over 68 superfood recipes that will keep your diet on track.

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  • You’ll love this chocolate avocado smoothie that not only tastes great but also contains a variety of carotenoids to fight chronic “joint” inflammation.  (pg. 49)
  • Lubricate your joints with a super simple bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough CLEAN ice cream that also optimizes your metabolism. (pg. 43)
  • Enjoy the cancer fighting effects of this delicious Southwest Chicken next time you pack your lunch. (pg 24)
  • Try the Teriyaki Salmon for dinner and cushion your joints in the process.  As a bonus you’ll also control inflammation in the digestive tract.  (pg 21.)
  • This one is my favorite, how about some homemade Sweet Potato Fries that are not only loaded with fiber and Vitamin A but also contain anti-inflammatory benefits. Mmmmm. (pg.15)
  • The Key Lime Rasberry Parfait sounds and tastes like a dessert but it’s packed with so many superfoods loaded with bioactive polyphenols including anthocyanins and ellagitannins, it makes a super healthy breakfast choice. (pg. 9)
  • Eat your way pain free with this scrumptious Overnight Carrot Cake Oatmeal jam-packed with a variety of traditional and phytonutrient antioxidants. (pg. 4)
  • How would you like to savior the taste of a Cinnamon Cheescake Cupcake for dessert while helping you regulate your blood sugar levels!  Yes please. (pg. 55)
  • Who says pancakes are on the naughty list?  Go ahead make yourself a giant High Protein Almond Butter Pancake in less than 5-minutes. (pg. 7)
  • Find out what kind of protein powder you can use for cooking and baking that is not full of preservatives and fillers. (pg 61)
  • You don’t have to be confused about cooking oils and what type of butter to use anymore.
  • Are all sugars bad? What about natural sweeteners?  Each recipe tells you what to use for sweetness.
  • Plus dozens of more tasty meals you can create that will extinguish joint inflammation in your body while keeping your taste buds happy.


Now is your chance to get immediate digital access to this recipe guide that will help protect your body from chronic “joint” inflammation and really help you get the most out of the Superfoods you’ll be learning about.  The recipes make eating healthy, simple, fast and fun so you can get back to living pain free and enjoying life again.

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